Tips for be a Top Photography Assistant 2018

For all young photographers who want to become full-time advertising, fashion, or advertising photographers, the first step to consider is often to be a photography assistant. Photography assistant Jobs Los Angeles and most people decide that a photography school can be helpful and often busy with studying photography. Being a photographer often means you learn the trade from a professional. With this step you are much closer to understanding the many parts you have to master before you go alone. Few people become successful photographers without training assistance. Often these people are very business-oriented and very good at sorting things out quickly. Being an assistant, I believe the best training. It teaches you how to deal with customers, how to deliver what customers are looking for, etc. In a short excerpt from the "Photographic Assistant Handbook" I describe some of the responsibilities that the photography assistant has to handle.

"Help: provide help, support. The basic task of the assistant is to "assist" the photographer in performing and creating pictures or photographs at the request of the customer. This is a very simple idea until you get to the door of the photographer, do not know where everything is, how the photographer, what he will expect from the assistant, what was first done, , the assistant will be able to walk in every situation and do it well. This person knows what priority should be given and can continue the day without any problems. New assistants will struggle and need a lot of guidance and direction. The key to any new assistant is to always ask yourself: "How can I help the photographer now?" Common sense is helpful. "

"The assistant role is very important, for the young assistant it is more difficult if he does not really know what to expect and when no one takes the time to explain what kind of help is needed, that the assistant photographer helps in shooting, but the detail of how the task this can be fulfilled, the photographer's preference, the specific way he or she wants to get things done, how the items are packaged, etc. The assistant requires difficulty communicating with the photographer and / or the first assistant to have a very clear picture of what specific role he will meet.

Photographers and photographic studios argue that the assistant undergoes a step in his education so that the person can grow and become a photographer. The learning period in which studying in the workplace is done. Most photographers love to answer questions about what to photograph, how and why, etc., always know that questions are asked at the right time when they are requested. To simplify the process, you think of support functions in different parts:

o Introduction: Meet photographers, task confirmation, what to expect, type of shooting, etc.
o Traveling or spending time with photographers: getting to know each other, assessing equipment, feeling what is seen on that day.
o Settings: make sure that you know all the equipment to be used, the location, what the photographer wants, that everything is set up correctly.
o Filming: focus on the Photography Website, his needs during shooting. Track files, clients, other assistants, and everyone involved in shooting, etc.
o Break-down: be careful not to damage anything or lose anything and keep everything in the same place when they arrive. "...

Assistant "must do" list for digital recording

1 / Know and understand the "Backup" system of the photographer.
2 / Put one if the photographer does not have it. If the photographer decides that there is no time for it. So every problem is his responsibility
3 / Always back up the files correctly. (The same file in multiple locations)
4 / Read the file histogram and check during shooting.
5 / Make sure the photos are recorded in the correct format.
6 / Make sure the photos are "Sharp" (in focus).
7 / Never delete a file unless you are absolutely sure the file has been backed up.
8 / Never load junk on your computer unless everything is backed up and you're sure that all the files in the trash are in at least 2 different locations.
9 / Prepare a "Naming" system that works, so files do not have the same name and can replace each other.
10 / Feeling crazy because you're not sure ??? Create a folder named "Not sure". View folders when time allows with photographer.
11 / Check F-stop, Shutter speed during recording to make sure they do not accidentally change!

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